Friday, March 20, 2009

Two Starts

I have had these smaller sized items in my studio, ready for inspiration to strike about how to use them. One is a narrow canvas, about 4" x 12", and the other is really a set of things--3 wooden boxes meant for display with open side out, I think. They measure 6" x 6," and I saw them as surfaces for painting, so I'm working on the "bottoms." I'm trying to use all three so that they create one piece, but having each box be able to stand alone as its own work. I so admire that when I see an artist do it well, but have never tried it myself.

Today, with all of the above, I began with collage. Here, then, are the first layers for each.

I'm happy with these!

I have ideas for both works which will remain unpublished for now. Of course, they may turn into something completely different. Or, they may be work for my upcoming show. I have decided to try to keep that work secret for now. It is very hard to do, especially since my studio is in such a public place (and I like to show and tell!) For right now, it is my plan to reveal the work as a body after the show opens.

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Steven S. Walker said...

Such suspense! I can't wait to see the end result of the narrow piece in particular. Keep on keepin on.