Thursday, December 31, 2009

One More Word

OK, you creative people, go see Kerri Settle's beautiful paintings, and take to heart the message in the YouTube clip by Ira Glass she's put at the bottom of her post. 


So Long, 2009

What a year this has been for me as an artist, a wife, a mom, a daughter, and a friend.  It has been filled with joys and changes, a milestone birthday and artistic challenges.  I thought I'd share a few of them in pictorial form.  This is only a sampling of wonderful events that made up 2009.

Spending time with my boys has been amazing.

Will, big brother, and Matt, little brother, in my studio

Innocence restored.

 Kitchen duty at Thanksgiving

My friend, Lynette, and I took ourselves off to Boone, NC in July to take a fantastic workshop in watercolor and collage with the fabulous Jerry Brommer. 

I had two pieces in a show at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA, one of which sold and the other of which was used in all of the publicity for the show.

Why Young Mothers Feel Trapped, mixed media, 11 x 14

My artist-in-residence show opened in September in the main gallery at LibertyTown, and my parents came from Texas to the opening which capped the evening perfectly.

Skyscrapers, mixed media, 12 x 16, poster and postcard image

View of the main wall in the gallery at LibertyTown 

And a crazy 19" snowfall the week before Christmas!

In addition to the above, we spent a week in North Georgia with my sis and my folks and my aunt and uncle.   I stood back and cheered as my husband went for a week-long Blues workshop in West Virginia.  He has since begun a cool hobby of making cigar box musical instruments with as much work by hand as possible.  Go Tres!

I look forward to 2010, anticipating the joys and challenges that await.  Thanks to all of you great folks in the art blogging world.  You have also added immeasurably to my life this year.  Happy New Year to you all.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Wish for You (Sonny Boy Williamson)

Here's my favorite song this Christmas. I hope you find your Santa Claus!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Pins on Slate

It is my hope that I will be back in my studio, continuing to create for the last few days of 2009. The time has come to begin work on a show I have scheduled for the summer. Ideas have been percolating, and since I can't keep a secret (about my work--otherwise, I am discreet!), my blogging friends will likely see it all first.

I am always a little nervous but a lot excited when I am perched on the edge of another big project. The last show was such fun and succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. I am fueled by that and really anticipating the artistic discovery awaiting me. I have paint and canvas and brushes aplenty (Jerry's please stop tempting me with coupons, already!!) Time to put them all together in new form.

In other news, I won a monthly giveaway painting from Leslie Saeta. It arrived yesterday and is just fantastic. Check out her blog. She is a wonderful painter living and working in California. The generosity of "those who blog" is astounding.

I tried to take a photo to show you the painting, but lighting conditions are less than ideal here and just didn't do it justice. Thanks so much, Leslie!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Single and a Double

Little Orange Bird, acrylic on rescued slate piece, $25

Little Couple, acrylic on rescued slate piece, 45

New slate paintings--on display and available for purchase in my studio at LibertyTown.

We're hoping that the snow stays away long enough for our big holiday open house to happen without a hitch this Saturday, December 19. Artists will be in their studios, snacks, music, wonderful artwork and crafts--come by if you're in Fredericksburg, Va.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Light as Air

Light as Air, 6 x 6, acrylic and collage on 3/4" wooden cradle board

This painting began on a map, but the map layer got lost in the creative process, I'm sorry to say. The map itself was printed in navy and sea green, which inspired the color you see in the background here. So, I left the map and bits of the colored papers I used to collage over it showing and unpainted along the edges of the painting. I'm pretty happy with the result, lost map notwithstanding!

We went to an incredible performance by the fine arts department at my son's small city high school last night. The school is so small, I would bet that a quarter of the student body participates in the music and drama departments' groups. Some students play or perform in multiple disciplines.

My son plays the upright bass in the chamber ensemble and the orchestra. I whined and complained all day because the same concert last year went on for three and one-half hours. This year, they trimmed it to two hours, and we heard jazz band, symphonic band, chamber orchestra, symphony orchestra, and all manner of choral groups perform with great skill and joy. In between the sets, the drama students presented a funny skit which distracted and entertained the audience while the set changed backstage. It was inspirational to hear and see these young performers who've worked so hard and done so well. Way to go, JayeM music and drama departments!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cup Quake

Get it?

4 x 4 x 1.5, collage/acrylic, $75

More tomorrow. I'm pooped and cooking spaghetti sauce and blogging. Something's got to go, and I think it's me. See you tomorrow.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Cupcake a Day.....

...keeps the blues away?

These days, all I can do is paint these delicious morsels. They are usually overflowing with frosting since it is so much fun to render, but when I ate them, I prefered very little frosting to get in the way of my cake. I mean, it is called cupCAKE, after all.

This little guy is 5 x 5, acrylic and collage and is framed in the LibertyTown gallery for $85.

I'll have more to share on another day.

Create to your heart's content, everyone!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Report from the Workshop


top, Duck; L to R, Wren, Flamingo, Chicken Legs

Flamingo Flock

Cardinal ornament

I've tossed myself into a huge whirlwind of birdies and pears (see pictures.) It has been so fun. I've sent some of them (nearly 50) to my sister in Houston to hawk for me, and I've been trying to get an inventory for my own studio shop. I've made something like 170 little critters. Whew!

Yesterday after making birdies and greeting cards all week, I finally got to paint on canvas. I'll post that work tomorrow.

Howdy to my new followers. Thanks so much for joining my blog.

Y'all go see my friend Anna's blog, just brand spankin' new yesterday. She's a terrific potter and weaver who also has her studio at LibertyTown.