Saturday, June 20, 2009

Little Dirty Birdie Feet, etc

Dirty Little Birdy Feet, collage and acrylic, 5 x 5

OK--this painting comes with a warning. It's weird! My friend Mary gave me the idea so I dedicate it to her.

And in other news....On Wednesday, I sold a piece of slate about Fredericksburg that I posted about last week, and at the same time, got a commission to paint another one. I had already mounted the block I use to give me my basic outline onto my recycled art board, so I had to cut another one. This is the black and white print of that block.

Scenes About Fredericksburg, block print, 3.5 x 6.25

Exciting title, what?!

And then, here is my latest painting on slate about Fredericksburg. After I printed the above on the slate, I painted the scene. I delivered it tonight to be a surprise Fathers' Day present. Isn't that cool?

Scene about Fredericksburg #6, acrylic on slate

And then, after this one was in the works, another lady ran in with her three kids to order another one for THEIR dad! Three in one week--not bad!


Jean Spitzer said...

Good for you! In the painting, the legs on the right remind me of Pippi Longstocking.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Congratulations...always good to sell and three...very good! I clicked to enlarge and was able to see the detail.

Annie said...

The birdie feet are funny:-)And Fredericksburg looks like a cheerfull town.

Deb Schmit said...

Congrats on your profitable week. Found you in Karin Jurick's blog. It was your knee profile that drew me in...or is that your elbow?
Anyway! Such lovely, creative work you are doing.

Gwen Bell said...

The plates are lovely but it's the Bird Feet that really get me. Too funny! Love the title and the hilarious story the image conjures up. Looks like a crime scene. Another wonderfully creative painting from the mind of Elizabeth Seaver!

Gary Keimig said...

Birdie Feet is a fun piece. Good job. and congratulations on the sales.

Diana said...

Cool painting of the birdie feet. It's got me smiling. Congrats on all the sales!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Elizabeth!
Your work makes me smile. I just love the "Little Dirty Birdie Feet". Congrats on all the sales too.

Dan Finnegan said...

...And so much for not taking commissions!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Thanks everyone for your senses of humor!

Hi, Mr. Finnegan: Hope you are having fun in England! Glad to know you arrived safely!

Dan is responding to an earlier post that I made about not liking to do commissions. Let me clarify my position about commissions.

The pieces that I am creating on slate are things that people see and like. I can do others that are similar, but not identical, and be confident that the buyer will be happy with them. Commissions where I am asked to do something which the commissioner has in mind, and I have to guess at, is not the way I want to create.

Jeane Myers said...

bird feet, the sweetest feet in the world - a huge congratulations on your sales this month! wow!