Friday, October 16, 2009

Quiet, But Working

I've been working on those map-covered canvases I showed you all last post. I'll be showing them over the next few days. This one is called Looking for Bourbon St. and is acrylic on a 5 x 7 canvas, collaged with a portion of a street map of New Orleans. There is a fold in the map that I couldn't smooth out as much as I wanted, and you can see it in the photo in a more exaggerated way than in real life.

The paintings I have just completed are of real birds, painted in my slightly-less-than-real style. The next round will be my fantastical flighted creatures. I plan to reserve at least some of them for the small works show at LibertyTown every December. I think everything must be under 11 x 14. No problem. I love working small.

Then I must begin getting serious--well, as serious as I ever am--about my next show which is in a groovy local restaurant with enormous walls and high ceilings. My house is full of boxes of canvas I've ordered to be ready for where ever my whimsy takes me!


V....Vaughan said...

Hi Elizabeth...I enjoyed your comment and REALLY enjoyed browsing your blog....PRINTMAKING is the greatest!!!!Your wors are FUN and make me want to do printmaking!...I will keep you posted about the new blog :)

Jeane Myers said...

hello Elizabeth - this looks like a wonderful project - love the map idea:)

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Cool series ... the lost birds made me chuckle. I'd give anything to see a pair of penguins waddling down Bourbon St!

Leslie Hawes said...

Rockhopper or Barhopper penguins? :)

artbyakiko said...

Hi Elizabeth! I love your paintings on maps. What an interesting idea!
Thanks for visiting my blog! ~Akiko

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Hi, V....Vaughan, thanks so much for stopping by. I look forward to your new pursuits!

Thanks, Jeane. Enjoyed seeing what you're up to, too.

Hi Deborah--I hope they are not too shocked at what they find when they get there. They look like such nice, well brought up folks!

Barhopper penguins!! Love it, Leslie! I don't think that is one of the 17 known kinds of penguins....hmmm...perhaps it is time to hop to a few bars for research purposes.

Hi, Akiko. Your work is spectacular. I'll be back to visit your blog again.

Thanks for your comments, blog friends!