Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed in, But Working

WIP, 36 x 24, acrylic

I've had a nice bunch of time to paint, since we've had back-to-back snowfalls which kept me from getting in to LibertyTown.  Pure bliss!

This piece began as a turquoise under painting with block prints all over.  Here's an image of that:

 State 1

State 2

It may be hard to see in the original image, but the printed under painting is still visible as the spokes in the orange umbrella.

Someone asked me where I got the image, and I had to confess I made it up.  I "saw" the umbrella shape in the under painting and went from there.  Or perhaps I should say, it is a compilation of lots of images I've seen in my life and a wish on canvas of a place I'd like to be.

Imagine me doing a happy dance, waving my paint brushes about at seeing my 150th follower!

Cheers, everyone!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I'm crazy about your process...the printing (I clicked to enlarge) gives a wonderful depth to the shapes when painted. Great snow day!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Oh Elizabeth...Confess away...I am amazed and thrilled with this...for some reason it reminds me of when we went to see my son in San Diego...who I MISS LIKE CRAZY!! I LOVE THIS!!

Unknown said...

nice to see how you did it, i like this strong blue

Andrew Finnie said...

The harmony is stage 2 is very attractive

ariel freeman said...

Perfect...a beach painting in the middle of winter. I can't wait until summer. Happy Painting!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Thanks, everyone, for your thoughtful, supportive comments.

Hi, Andrew: Funny you should say that about stage 2. I almost stopped there. It looked more like a tree hanging onto the side of a cliff at that point. Thanks for stopping by.

Yes, Ariel, I think we deserve a gorgeous spring after this onslaught!

Gwen Bell said...

Always love seeing your process. This painting seems to tell a story. Makes me wonder whats on the other side of this hill underneath that red umbrella tree.

Anudeepa Kadiresan said...

How can you think like this,i can imagine your dance.have a great day