Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bird in Footwear

Bertie Goes A'Courting, collage/acrylic, 22 x 28
Elizabeth W. Seaver

Bertie is not lazing on a Sunday afternoon, but he does bicycle every Wednesday evening and is bound to be proposing on a Saturday night (for you Queen fans out there!)  Here, he is taking a posy to his sweetheart...well, don't you put on your spats when taking an important bike ride?  He can't quite reach the pedals, but his Prius, which fits him much better, is in the shop. 

In Bertie's world it is still summer, and I have to say "hooray" about that.  Perhaps that is the most fun thing about being in the creative arts--you may compose your own universe out of thin air and imagination (and I do expect thin air adds much to imagination.)

* * * * * * 
In other news:

Zolo is an award-winning toy design company in our town.  It is the brainchild of the creative partnership of Byron Glaser and Sandra Higashi.  This month in the main gallery at LibertyTown, we have on display a selection of their toys for sale, plus a bit of their history as a design team and a company.   It is a colorful, fun exhibit.  Here are a few shots of the Zolo installation in the gallery.

These are the original wooden sets of toys, four of which are out of production.  Zolo 5 is the center one in front and is the current product.

You can see packaging here, as well as sample fun figures you can make from the various sets of interlocking pieces.  (Think Mr. Potato Head, but lots more fun and variety.)
The illustrations on this wall are from their first book, which was done before computer publishing.  Each page is an original, intricate collage, masterfully assembled.
Zolo deco is a set of wall stickers that can be repositioned.  Make your own kooky characters.  Each set has 47 different pieces to play with.

These are PupHats, a hat and a puppet in one warm, fuzzy head covering!

Close up of a piece of the original set of Zolo toys on display.
Check them out.  Books, fun toys, great price--what could be better for little and big people on your holiday shopping list? 

It'll be on my list for Santa, for sure!


Young at Heart said...

how truly lovely.....and so inspiring!!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Aren't the toys amazing? Thanks for stopping by!

Anna M. Branner said...

It is a fun and different show for LT. Dan loves thinking outside the box sometimes doesnt he! I like the way you have set up your pics to look like polaroids! :)

Linda Popple said...

Really creative and fun!!

Carole Barkett said...

he is wonderful and so is your imagination, those toys really are amazing :O)

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

I so enjoy the universes you create with your paintings - great stories and imaginative images!

Leslie Hawes said...

I love Bertie!

Terry Pitzel said...

Your birds make me laugh! And your art looks better and better over the years.
I send you a hug.

Unknown said...

Another great and imaginative painting, Elizabeth! I like your narrative.

-Don said...

I had to smile when I saw Bertie's foot reaching for the pedal. Another great painting, Elizabeth. Thanks for the smile.


RH Carpenter said...

Love Bertie and his spats!! And I want one of those puphats!! ha ha

Elizabeth said...

The littel bouquet in Bertie's hand (wing??)) is the perfect touch!!!!!

Andrew Finnie said...

Oh this one is masterful, just full of whimsy. It's a good composition and holds our eye and attention for a good time (aha a goodtime was had by all ;) )

Ollie said...

oh love this painting! great imagination and work

Crazy RAvens Studio said...

I like Bertie. I hope someone gets you to illustrate a children's book!