Sunday, May 15, 2011

Black Sheep

The new space is a great place to work.  I've been painting and teaching in it all week and am really getting settled in.  Yesterday I taught a class of six in there, and all went very well.  There are a few things left to do--always, right?  Lighting needs a bump up, and I need to get a name plate above the door, among other trifles.

I had a nibble on a piece I've completed since moving in.  See it below.

Black Sheep, mixed media, 8 x 8, Elizabeth W. Seaver

Thanks, everyone, for looking and reading.  After having Blogger "blow up" for a few days, it really makes one amazed that it works so smoothly most of the time.


Elizabeth said...

So glad that you are settled in your new space and enjoy it!! Sharing a space with Rob is going to be alot of fun for both of you I am sure!! Best of luck with it all!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Hey, Elizabeth. Thanks so much. I think we will suit each other well.

Vivian said...

I love your new series. Will be so glad to see them "live" along with the new studio space when we come for the big graduation.

Dorothy said...

I love these new pieces; so different from other work, but just as powerful!

Anonymous said...

The new space sounds great Elizabeth! Bet it's filled with all kinds of wonderful energy for creating too. Love this new piece.

~ Kathleen Krucoff

Gwen Bell said...

Love the drama and the witty title! Your work always makes me smile. :)