Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lime Birds

Honestly! 5 x 5, collage, pen, colored pencil,
Elizabeth W. Seaver

Don't you wish you knew what they were saying?  Looking in from the outside, we can only guess.  Perhaps she is just demonstrating the latest birdie dance step.  It must come with a good story, though, because her friend is listening with great anticipation.

Isn't that the best, when a friend has a good yarn to spin about date night, a trip or a funny misadventure?  The teller settles in to tell, and the listener prepares herself to be royally entertained.  And it's even more fun when the meeting is by chance and long-awaited.

I can think of a few friends with whom I need to sit and share a few stories.  We live too far away to meet in the meadow, but we can talk on the phone.    It has been way too long. 


martinealison said...

Adorables ce couple d'oiseaux... Et quelle élégance ! Madame a mis sa petite aigrette...
Gros bisous

Kim Rempel said...

I love this! Charming and whimsical. And the title is the best ; )

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

So adorable! I love these little pieces! I have a few friends I need to catch up with also:)

Anna M. Branner said...

SOSO true! Linda comes to mind. Can't wait to hear about her trip....will be in town next Thursday! Lunch?????

monicutte said...

I love it!!