Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nice End to the Year!

Going My Way, acrylic, 18 x 36 by Elizabeth W. Seaver

Lovely folks bought this painting on the last day of 2011, making a very nice conclusion to a great year.


Incognito said...

I love this piece of art, Elizabeth, but I have to tell the truth. When I first looked at it, I saw a multi-colored bra not unlike one I own. Then I refocused and saw the birds -- duh! Brought a laugh and a chance to tell you that I still love your work as much as ever. Happy New Year!

-Don said...

Now that's the way to top out the old year and make bringing in the new one a lot more festive. Congratulations on a wonderful creation and its sale! May 2012 bring you even more of the same.


Crazy Ravens Studio said...

I love this piece. It's endearing.

Carole Barkett said...

And a very lovely painting too.