Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scavenger Hunters

At LibertyTown today we were overrun with students who participate in Focus Art at Shirley Heim Middle School in Stafford County. They, their teachers and chaperones blew through the building in an hour, armed with scavenger hunt sheets and questions for the artists. They were curious and courteous--the perfect combination for a good time. Where is the printing press? Whose studio has guitars in it? Which potters make vases? All needed to be puzzled out in their short time here. The artists working in their studios chatted and explained about their processes and materials. The students had already been at Belmont where there is an exhibit called "Artists in their Studios," so we were a logical next stop on the tour. Thanks to everyone for a fun time, and I hope we will see them again with their friends and families.

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