Thursday, December 11, 2008

Soaking Rain and a Productive Day

Our earth needed a good, soaking rain. Though it made the drive up to Alexandria to the opening of 5 x 5 x (5) in the Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory a little fraught. It was worth it! Besides having a piece in the show, which was an honor, it was the most interestingly installed show I have seen. The little pieces were placed within the squares of a grid which was drawn on all three walls of the gallery, the fourth wall being windowed. It gave a little resting space for each piece, and only some of the grid boxes were filled. It was fun to look at--much of the art was fascinating and made me resolve again to push my creative envelope. More about this tomorrow, since I couldn't take photos there with my own camera. I am depending on the kindness of Ariel, who rode up there with us, to send me the photos she took on hers

My camera battery died while taking photos of the work I had done today. Early, I cleared the decks of all the piddly stuff which must be done: labeling, inventory, packaging .... and finally got to the part I have been meaning to get to all week, which is to work on some new card designs. I used sticky fun foam and scraps of backing board and had fun playing with shapes. Then I had fun playing with colors and printed up some new all occasion cards and a few birthday ones.


Elizabeth said...

That must have been a heck of a drive!! I am sooo glad that you went! Congrats again!! I can't wait to see the pictures of the show!! I have to drive up to Alexandria this am and it is still pouring out!!!
Love your new card designs!!!

ariel freeman said...

Sorry for the delay on getting the pictures to you. Somedays I just need 25hrs in a day to get everything done. Today I was distracted making Christmas cookies, Aargh :-). I will send them asap. Warmest, Ariel