Tuesday, January 13, 2009


These are actual printings of some of my new card designs. This particular card was printed using one small block which was turned and printed again and again, each time creating new hearts by connecting with ones which had already printed. You can see the block printed all by itself in the upper left hand part of the design. It ends up being a card about hearts and flowers and leaves.

This one I have called "Cheers" and will be stamped with the letters in red or green or black.

I made this design with one block that has the big swirls and hearts on it, then printed over the whole design six or seven times with the "confetti" block.

I called this one "Tres Flores."

The lovebirds will be stamped with "love."

This one and the following are variations of the first card, repeating the "heart halves" block with more and less ink.

This last one was inspired by finding the shape of a jester's hat in my fun foam discards. I moved fun foam around until I came up with this design. And if you don't think I gave myself a brain cramp figuring out how to do the "4 U," you do not know me well!

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Elizabeth said...

Love your stamps and the samples- they will be greaat cards!!
I spent my day making snowmen- we may get some snow yet but it IS time to move onward!!!