Saturday, January 24, 2009

Funny Rabbit

Funny Rabbit, oil

I present Funny Rabbit for your enjoyment. This is a picture of progress up to yesterday, and today I touched up the butterfly and signed it. I am waiting for an order from Jerry's with the proper sized stretcher strips. I plan on leaving him unframed because the painting will continue around the edges.

Yesterday, my buddy,Elizabeth, asked me to show the piece I had been working on when she stopped by my studio. I have stretched it, finished size 8 x 8, signed it and varnished it. Done! See below.

Dreams of Summer, mixed media with acrylic and paper

I'm pretty pleased with the results of my work, and it inspired me to work on collages all day today. I even cut up aluminum cans. But more about that later!


ariel freeman said...

I really like all the layers to your bunny painting. Very interesting!
P.S. My word verification is "butplop" (hee,hee). Who comes up with these?

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Tres says they are randomly generated, but I can imaging a gnomish person making them up inside my computer, laughing his head off!

Elizabeth said...

I love this!!! Keep up the collage work!! Htese are awesome!

thank you for answering my plea!!!!!

RovingLibrarian said...

I love the colors and all the movement in the Funny Rabbit. Very dynamic bunrab! The interplay between the curves and the straight lines is interesting too. I only wish I could see it in person.