Friday, June 12, 2009


Scenes of Fredericksburg #5

We have a local ice cream joint which does booming business here from Feb. 15 through Nov. 15, at which time the ice cream eaters of Fredericksburg are left to dream of the soft serve treat until the following February. Especially when the weather is hot, the line for Carl's can have 100 people in it, easy. And when you drive by on Princess Anne St. and there is a short line, you change your plans, park your car and get ice cream!

In a historic town, the demand for artwork depicting the various historic and/or local scenes is high. Which makes me, as a local artist, squirm just a bit. It seems that once you make a piece or series of pieces that catch the eye and imagination of the tourist or collector, you feel great pressure to continue making such works, sometimes to the detriment of your own creative fun.

I love my town and love to create works which have local interest. When I can (commissions are a different matter!) it is my goal to make art ABOUT my town, not OF my town, if you get the difference. (One of my former teachers, Karen Richards, always says to her students, This is not your painting OF the vase, it is your painting ABOUT the vase.) In other words, your painting is your unique, artistic interpretation, no matter your subject.

So, the above little plaque (no more than 3" x 8", on historic St. George's discarded roofing slate) is my work ABOUT Fredericksburg, in which Carl's ice cream and St. George's are featured, and the rest is more my fantastical renderings of the local surroundings.

Scenes on Princess Anne

I made a block out of the soft carve material which I called Scenes on Princess Anne St. The funny thing is, several wonderful people who have bought these prints, have told me they know exactly where in the city I created it from! It is a four color reduction print, and when I was done cutting on the block, there was a bare outline of the shapes of the original. I have, since, used it to print on slate, and then I hand paint the image, each one different. The slate hangs from leather knotted through holes I drilled. The slate I found in just that shape.


Jean Spitzer said...

These are wonderful! And you and your teacher are so right.

Jean Spitzer said...

P.S. I also love the "I know exactly where that is" comment; I've heard similar stuff. It just means that your about painting truly captures the essence.

Incognito said...

Elliott and I went to Carl's yesterday and ordered the jumbo cone; oh my goodness. Five, yes, FIVE, scoops of icecream on a cone. I've ordered jumbo cones before, but never got one that big! Carl's IS an institution here and I'm happy to see your painting about Carl's.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Oh Elizabeth, Your block is just wonderful! I had to blow it up to see it as closely as possible. VERY creative approach! And, your block is equally as creative! Wonderful work! I throw my "I agree" with your teachers into the truly is ABOUT the subject!

Jeane Myers said...

love your take on your world and I really like your carved block!

Anonymous said...

You make a good point ABOUT painting. Love the piece you created.

A Brush with Color said...

Those are fabulous! I really love them. I actually went to undergraduate school in Fredericksburg, so I know Carl's VERY WELL. ;)) Good to know it's still there. Thanks for a smile and wonderful memories. Oh, and thanks for your kind visit to my blog.