Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fowl Weather

Surprise!, 22 x 28, mixed media with acrylic, WIP

This is the latest painting for my show which I have had to work on a little at a time as we've been installing our new show at LibertyTown this week. I will post some images from that show later today or tomorrow. The opening is tomorrow night. Stop in if you are in the area.

My September show now has a name--Fowl Weather (watch the spelling, please!) My family, friends and I have had loads of fun brainstorming names having to do with birds, their behaviors and anatomy (Bills, Bills, Bills! and My Apologies to Mr. Audubon among the rejects.) It makes a great party game if you're bored on a Friday night--it can go on for hours, believe me!


Jeane Myers said...

perfect name for your show! love watching your process :)

Jean Spitzer said...

Nothing but bills? I see what you mean. It's an irresistible game. Love the new work and wish you all the best "fowl weather."

Val's Dragonfly Whimsy said...

GORGEOUS mixed media/acrylic painting Elizabeth - love the ducky in all his glorious colours!!! Well done!

ariel freeman said...

Can't wait to see your show. Love the title. Would also be fun to read your rejected titles.

Elizabeth said...

Surprise"! Is Fabulous!! See you at First Friday tonight!!!!