Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rocks and more

Rocky Stream, 11 x 15, watercolor on 300 lb paper

Jerry Brommer is known for his paintings of rocks in his European hill town scenes and views of the California coast. He taught us his method in an assignment to paint a fantasy scene with rocks and water. Starting at the bottom of the page, you make the rock shape and then blot the top of it with a tissue. Continue making the shapes with variety in outline and size, all the way up the page until you have made all the rocks you want. Paint the rest of the landscape with trees, mountains, etc., leaving the water white. Collage over the whole thing and begin to paint back over the scene with dry brush. Continue blotting the top of the rocks to keep the light-washed look. I did not collage over the water and the sky when I did my painting.

When we could choose the subject we wanted, guess what I picked! Here is a painting inspired by Brommer techniques which will be in my show.

Pre-flight Check, 15 x 22, watercolor/collage on 300 lb. paper


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Elizabeth,

You did a great job on the rock painting, and I love your bird painting. I get it too. We've had a lot of bird action in our tiny backyard.

Take care,


Connie Chadwell said...

I love this, Elizabeth! The technique is wonderful and the birds made me giggle. I spend some time watching the birds in my backyard and you really captured what goes on. Love the leaves in the background, too - well done!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Love the rocks. What a great technique to learn. And the birds are delightful too. Great job Elizabeth!