Monday, December 14, 2009

Cup Quake

Get it?

4 x 4 x 1.5, collage/acrylic, $75

More tomorrow. I'm pooped and cooking spaghetti sauce and blogging. Something's got to go, and I think it's me. See you tomorrow.


Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Perfect name Elizabeth! Love that cherry!!

Incognito said...

Is the map of the San Andreas fault? Is the spaghetti sauce veggie??? Yum.

Elizabeth said...

You've captured that Quaking Feeling with that cherry!! Having lived in S. CA and having tremors every day- one starts to feel like everything is constantly moving!!!!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

I so enjoy your sense of humor. And these little cupcakes are making me hungry too!

Gwen Bell said...

LOL! Great title! These are delicious and love them on the maps.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Thanks, Saundra!

Yep, Incognito, it's a cupcake on the edge! And, no, it has meat in it, along with lots of veggies.

Thanks, Elizabeth. I can't imagine living on a fault. My world seems to move too much on more solid ground!

Hey, Cathyann! Thanks!

I appreciate when anyone laughs at my jokes, Kathleen. Thanks for commenting!

Hi, Gwen. Using maps as collage has really been fun. I love to find a use for things that might look like trash to other people! Thanks for stopping by.