Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Pins on Slate

It is my hope that I will be back in my studio, continuing to create for the last few days of 2009. The time has come to begin work on a show I have scheduled for the summer. Ideas have been percolating, and since I can't keep a secret (about my work--otherwise, I am discreet!), my blogging friends will likely see it all first.

I am always a little nervous but a lot excited when I am perched on the edge of another big project. The last show was such fun and succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. I am fueled by that and really anticipating the artistic discovery awaiting me. I have paint and canvas and brushes aplenty (Jerry's please stop tempting me with coupons, already!!) Time to put them all together in new form.

In other news, I won a monthly giveaway painting from Leslie Saeta. It arrived yesterday and is just fantastic. Check out her blog. She is a wonderful painter living and working in California. The generosity of "those who blog" is astounding.

I tried to take a photo to show you the painting, but lighting conditions are less than ideal here and just didn't do it justice. Thanks so much, Leslie!


ariel freeman said...

Very exciting...another show. Waiting with bated breath :-) Can't wait to see what your concept will be. Your last one, the bird/ animal series, was so much fun.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Thanks, Ariel! You and your little ones have a wonderful time in the snow today!

Leslie Saeta said...

Your welcome Elizabeth! So glad that you like the painting. I hope you are enjoying the snow. My sister called yesterday from Richmond and told us about the snow. Sounds wonderful!

V....Vaughan said...

Oh thanks for the new comment about my "Lowing 2" painting :) It's fun when someone "gets it"
MEEY CHRISTMAS! (these pins are so cool!) What creative diversity!!!