Sunday, May 8, 2011

Under Construction and Prom Night

This is a view of my new studio space, under renovation, as of Friday.  I spent the day painting the edge work, and Anna who dropped in from Charlottesville (luckily for me!) did the roller work.

The color I chose is a lovely yellow.  I almost became a blond when a small, plastic tub I was using for brush work fell on my head as I was moving the ladder.  It was a true cartoon/3 Stooges moment.  I was actually glad for company in my humiliation, because Anna grabbed my glasses to wash them off (can't do without my eyes!), Miles took a picture, Rob, my studio mate, said "O My God!", and I walked carefully to the ladies to dunk my head in the sink for a good scrub, laughing the whole way.  The story of my smooth move spread through the building, and I got to tell it all night long!  My legendary lack of grace keeps me humble.

I'll begin to transfer my stuff to my new space today and work on the move for the next couple of days.  It's just around the corner from my current space, so it will be a relatively painless process.

Being artist-in-residence for three years at LibertyTown Arts Workshop has been a joy and a privilege.  Huge thanks to my boss and owner of LTAW, Dan Finnegan, for the opportunity.

* * * * * *

Last night was prom for my son, who graduates in June.  The theme was Masquerade.  Here he is in all his glory.

I love you, man!


Anna M. Branner said...

Matthew looks sharp! :)

And despite your clumsy baptism by did it very gracefully! What a giggle!

I'm so glad I was able to help afterall!

Incognito said...

So glad I saw this; I might have turned around and walked out thinking I was somewhere else.

Your son is so cool; I so enjoy watching him making music. He really is a showman in every way.

See you soon.

Elizabeth said...

So where is the picture?????? Sorry I won't be seeing you in your new digs but good luck with it all!!!!Matthew does look terrific- bet he had a blast!!!

Hannah said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks for the comment, it came through to my email but I can't see it to reply to on my blog which is rather odd. Glad you like the mug. Are they all fired?
lovely to have met you.