Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Commissioned Piece

A friend commissioned this piece for a mutual friend of ours. Since the receiver of the gift is a native Fred Girl and a member of St. George's, it seemed appropriate.

What you see here is a stage somewhere in the middle of the piece. I have drilled a hole in it for hanging and printed the image from one of my hand cut blocks onto the slate in white acrylic paint. The sky is blue, as it always should be during the day in Camelot, and a Carl's ice cream cone has begun to appear in the left hand corner.


Elizabeth said...

I just love these pieces!! Don't forget to show us when finished!!! These are so wonderfully whimsical!!
Merry Christams Hugs!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Thanks, E. I will certainly share. I work tomorrow at LT. Back to usual activities. I hope your day with your family was wonderful!