Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pendants' Progress

I'm still finishing details on my new pendants --evidenced by the flag flying on above-- but I'm happy with these first attempts. I try to let the shape of the small pieces of slate suggest what I will paint on them. Several broke in this curved way, so they seemed to me to need beads painted on them. I am stringing them on a relatively fine cotton cord and adding glass, porcelain and wooden beads (which I had way too much fun shopping for!) Anna also donated some beautiful, large, iridescent glass beads to the cause. They are great because their holes are large enough for a double strand of the cord to pass through. Thanks, Anna.

I'm hoping to have a few finished slate pendants to debut this weekend at the open house. I could spend all my time doing these fun little pieces. Someone must remind me that I have a commissioned portrait that I need to be working on!


Dan Finnegan said...

Elizabeth, you have a commissioned portrait you should be working on!

Elizabeth said...

Go with the Flow!!! Do some of these that make you happy and inspired and then let that inspiration lead you to the commissioned piece!!
Love these!!!
you GO girl!!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Thanks, Dan. I needed that!