Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Adding Color

Now, I pull out my oils. Following the scratchings I put in the layer of titanium white, I begin to add color. My palette at this point includes Windsor blue, green shade, French ultramarine, Windsor lemon, a Windsor rose (I can't remember its name at the moment), Maimeri blu cadmium green and burnt umber (which I mixed with the blues to get "black") and titanium white.

I also began accentuating the openings I'd left in the first layer of paint by darkening the black areas and intensifying the whites and reds.

This part of the painting is pretty instinctive and unplanned. Who am I kidding? That's the fun of this whole piece for me; I set out on this journey with no idea of my destination.

This is exactly the kind of exercise I need after working on commissioned work. It frees up a more creative part of me just to sit and play with the materials. I am reminded of an article that my mother showed me some years ago where a group of artists got together once a month for "Ugly Art" night. The intent was to loosen up, work with recycled or inexpensive materials, and not worry so much about whether this piece was going to be the ONE...that perfect creation...the best you'd ever know, the one that would get you noticed by a NY gallery. That kind of thinking can be truly constipating for an artist...sorry Mom!

Anyone want to join me for an Ugly Art night? Anything goes! I'll bring the wine.


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the idea of an Ugly Art nIght!! We could even have it at my house as it would force me to clean up my space!! I WILL have lots of room!!
When and Where???

inHERdarkroom said...

I would definitely be up for an Ugly Art night! Get me out of the house, too!!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Let's figure it out!

ariel freeman said...

I love the idea too, and with wine, sounds like fun!