Monday, February 16, 2009

If A Red Hand

Not too long ago one of my artist friends shared some very old pages of a Sears and Roebuck catalog with me. Having used some pages from a magazine from the early 1960's in a recent work, I figured I would find a way to use these as well. It would need to be soon, however, because the pages were so fragile, just touching them made them break apart. I took several sheets, including some advertisements and what looked to be newspaper articles and stories, and as you can see above, some ads for ladies and children's clothing and undergarments from the turn of the last century. The only date I could see on any of the pages was 1899.

I spent today working with the pages, beginning with a page of ads and articles, one of which began in larger type than the words around it, "If a red hand..." That was just too intriguing! So I took a sheet of printmaking material, 9 x 12 soft block that my husband had given me for Valentine's Day (he knows the way to MY heart!) and traced my hand and wrist on a piece approximately 6 x 9. See the delicate thing below!

I also used some Butterick dress pattern paper along with the very old catalog paper to create the first layer of my piece, using matte medium to coat the back and front of each piece. Birds had to come into the design somewhere, so you see them perching on my thumb and pinkie, and I made a larger bird block which I also printed in red on the collaged papers. Here is what I have done so far. I will let it be for a while and listen to it tell me what's next!

In case you are wondering, "if a red hand" appears on the first page of your newspaper, it is time to renew your subscription!


Elizabeth said...

Oh very Cool!!!! i love the delicate thing that you carved out of the soft block!! Hubby dun good!!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi I love old ads too , and old True Romance magazines
I am going to try your gel medium transfer technique.
Thanks for visiting my blog Elizabeth .....
come by again
I'll visit here again too said...

I love your carvings. The hand is awesome. I'll be back. ~PJ