Friday, February 27, 2009

WIP, Birds on a Wire

I pushed back the flying leaves in the sky and added a few mountain dwellings that can be seen from the front porch rocker. More about this one later.

Tonight I plunge into a two and a half day set of workshops on gourds led by Marla Helton. It is being held at LibertyTown and is sponsored by the Fredericksburg Area Spinners and Weavers Guild--nicest group of people in the world. My buddy and fellow LT artist, Lynette, grew up with Marla and is hosting her for the weekend. Marla has brought some of her works with gourds with her and we will set up a small showing at LT today to run through Sunday, March 1. If you're in the area, come by for an opening reception tomorrow night 6-8 pm.


Elizabeth said...

Love the mountain dwellings!!! Adds some nice light to the bottom of the piece!!

maggie said...

wow! i have a view like that outside of my window in the city (minus the mountains).