Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beach Babe, 4/30

Beach Babe, collage/acrylic, 6 x 6
Elizabeth W. Seaver

"Oh, no, not another one," you say to yourself while you sit on your tricycle, or balance marooned on a scooter with sand-clotted wheels, or worse, stand flat-footed holding a lame beach ball. There she goes, riding elegantly by, another of those gorgeous creatures, the beach babe on bicycle. 
They barely sweat as they pedal lazily up and down the crowded shore, breeze blowing through feathers which never frizz in the humidity. The sun shines a little brighter on them and gulls and boys trip over themselves to buy her ice creams and lollipops to curry favor. Perhaps she will descend from her mobile throne and allow one to ride in her stead, and they may feel what it is like to be so blessed. But for now it is enough just being close to the queen of sand and surf, the goddess of the two-wheeler,  an empress in golden suit and orange tights.


Saundra Lane Galloway said...

This one just tickles me Elizabeth! The story...the color...the composition! FUN DOINS!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Fun Doins, indeed! I have more fun doing my job than any one person ought to have! Thanks for stopping by!

Desiree's Designs said...

Oh Elizabeth I love all your stuff, such fun! This one is my favorite so far but I also love the farmer on the bike! Thanks for stopping by my blog,Happy Thanksgiving"

Desiree's Designs said...

I love all your artwork!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Hi, Desiree! I'm so glad we found each other! You are so sweet to go plowing through my blog. I'm glad you like what you see. I will certainly look forward to your future posts. Thanks for joining!